ClearSky is now available in Contour Mobile

ClearSky now available in Contour Mobile

The power of ClearSky now fits in the palm of your hand.

Today’s update to Contour Mobile adds ClearSky imagery to the app, meaning you’ll always have NDVI and GCVI images available from within the last 6 days when ground truthing in the field.

This reliable delivery of imagery every week enables improved insights into crop variation & performance, better targeted field assessments, and enhanced optimisation of inputs. Find out more about ClearSky here.

As a brand new product, we’re working closely with our technology partner to keep refining and retraining the ClearSky models, so we’d value your feedback as you use ClearSky imagery to help us do this. If you see something that doesn’t look right, (or that is spot on!), please create an observation under ‘Other – ClearSky’, adding a picture and details of the crop, and we’ll investigate.

You’ll need to update your Contour Mobile app to the latest version following this update, which can cause a known issue for some users where the first image they try to view causes the app to white-screen. To resolve this, fully close down the app and then reload it. If you are struggling to fully close down the app, powering off your device and then turning it back on again will achieve this and fix the problem.

Head into the app and start using ClearSky in the field today!

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