For Farm Advisors

Explore our comprehensive range of tools designed to support farm advisors in optimising farm performance, fostering collaboration, and promoting sustainable practices.

Origin Digital Products Contour Farm Performance Analysis Tools


Contour is our cutting-edge precision agriculture tool that empowers farmers to optimise input efficiency, streamline compliance, and boost yields through sustainable field plans. With Contour, farmers and advisors can identify issues early, apply products precisely, and maximise farm performance and profits.


Contour’s Seed, Nutrient, and Compliance Planning solutions are designed to optimise inputs, improve crop yield, and drive farm performance & profitability.

Agronomy Services

Contour’s Agronomy Services tools are designed to optimise agronomy practices, including scouting, farm performance analysis, and crop protection advisory.


Our comprehensive suite of tools and features enables targeted agronomy, promotes collaboration and trust between farmers and advisors, and fosters data-driven decision-making for sustainable and profitable farming.


GrassMax is a market-leading app that helps livestock farmers and advisors optimise grass utilisation, nutrient planning, and operational efficiency while also streamlining compliance paperwork and ensuring sustainable practices.