For Agribusiness Decision Makers

Discover how Origin Digital’s AI-powered tools and data-driven solutions can transform your agribusiness:

Ag Retail

Modernise your Ag Retail business with advanced tools designed to help you optimise product margins, improve farm conversations, and provide sales intelligence for better decision-making.


Lend more, faster with Origin Digital through using historical farm performance data to supplement credit risk profiles, accessing farm physical data quickly to support each application decision, and gaining aggregated farm performance insights for informed portfolio management.

Insurance Services

Optimise your insurance solutions with accurate, scalable insights from Origin Digital. Our data-driven services enable you to provide early reporting, verify, assess and process claims faster, and enhance policy transparency.

Supply Chain

Enhance your supply chain management and gain a competitive edge with deep farm supplier insights provided by Origin Digital. We provide live crop identification, cropped area, planting & harvest date, and yield prediction at field level, across your supplier portfolio.

Dairy & Livestock

Revolutionise your milk supply chain management with Origin Digital’s GrassMax, a comprehensive sustainability and performance benchmarking platform designed to support the dairy and livestock industry as well as the farmers you partner with.