Sustainability at Origin Digital

Creating a better future through innovative agricultural technology

Embracing Digital Agriculture for a Sustainable Future

Digital agriculture has the potential to deliver a step change in efficiency, productivity, and sustainability at farm level and across the value chain.

At Origin Digital, our focus is on informing more sustainable crop nutrition, soil health & resilience, and farm productivity decisions. We achieve this by combining trusted ‘ground-truth’ data with remote sensing technologies to produce scalable predictive analytics and insights that support on-farm and enterprise decision making. 

Sustainability through Technology

We prioritise sustainability by centring our technology capabilities on supporting decision-making around sustainable land use. Key focus areas include:

Improving soil health through both portfolio soil health indices and analysis, reporting, & management plans for farm customers.

Increasing farm productivity and viability through increased adoption of precision planning and climate-smart products that facilitate sustainable practices to reduce GHG emissions and sequester carbon.

Protecting and enhancing biodiversity by supporting 1000 miles of wildlife corridors.

Optimising growth with sustainable nutrition that increases average Nitrogen Use Efficiency on serviced farms by 20%.

Empowering a market-leading agronomist network with next-gen mobile apps and targeted support on key yield drivers in-field to strengthen and simplify on-farm sustainability conversations.

Developing predictive analytics built on trusted data to accelerate stronger climate R&D partnerships.

Supporting food production traceability and farm practice evidence.

Supporting Integrated Pest Management techniques through remote crop monitoring technologies such as drones and enhanced satellite imagery that help scale agronomist crop walking.

Informing land management decisions, identifying opportunities for less productive areas and supporting environmental audit schemes such as SFI.

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