Modernise Ag Retail with Origin Digital

Protect & Grow Your Business and Strengthen Customer Relationships

Optimise Product Margins

Leverage our advanced tools to transition towards exclusive and custom solutions, particularly in Nutrition & Seed, increasing inputs margin through strategic plan-based product ordering and targeted sales strategies.

Improve Farm Conversations

Engage in meaningful dialogues with farmers using the comprehensive plans, tailored recommendations, and in-depth analytics provided by our tools. Discuss products, best practices, and sustainable farming methods to enhance customer satisfaction and retention.

Intelligent Sales Approach

Leverage farm activity, timing, and performance metrics to make data-driven sales calls, fostering customer loyalty and boosting product conversion rates across your business.

Linking farmer, field and advisor

Origin Digital’s portfolio of tools enables you to link technology, people and processes to deliver better results to your farmers:

Empowering Agronomic Advisors

Precision tools for farm and field-level planning & agronomy drive performance, foster strong farmer-advisor relationships, and encourage informed on-farm decision-making.

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Farm Performance Insight

Access farm-level data to inform conversations on land management, performance analysis, and benchmarking, and use our leading agronomic models for portfolio-scale insights, empowering better business decision-making.

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Nurturing Farm and Business Success

Our Seed, Nutrient, and Compliance Planning solutions are designed to optimise inputs, improve crop yield, and drive farm performance & profitability. 

Origin Digital Contour Nutrient Planning Tools

Our intelligent tools:

Empower advisors to provide tailored recommendations and advice to farmers, to ensure optimal performance while reducing environmental and cost impacts.

Enhance customer retention and support complementary services such as soil sampling and compliance planning.

Foster engagement between growers and advisors with intuitive planning tools suitable for any farmer, regardless of their equipment and precision farming capabilities.

Origin Digital Contour Mobile Agronomy Scouting Observations

Enhancing Farm Performance by Empowering Advisors

Our Agronomy Services tools are designed to optimise agronomy practices, including scouting, farm performance analysis, and crop protection advisory.

Our comprehensive suite of tools and features enables targeted agronomy, promotes collaboration and trust between farmers and advisors, and fosters data-driven decision-making for sustainable and profitable farming.

Strengthen Your Business with AI-Powered Predictive Insights

Our Field AI tool delivers in-season and historical crop identification, cropped area, planting & harvest date, and yield prediction at field level, across your entire portfolio of farm relationships.

Our AI-powered analytics provide a fast, comprehensive view of farm activities, driving business growth and enabling more constructive conversations with your customers and stakeholders.

Origin Digital Field AI intelligence empowers credit decision-makers with a fast, accurate and complete view of each applicant's historical activity and results within hours of their submission

Accurate and Reliable Intelligence

Origin Digital brings farmers and advisors together for Ag Retail success

As part of the Origin Enterprises Group, we work in close partnership with Agrii, the market leader in UK Ag Retail, and Origin Fertilisers, the market leader in UK fertiliser manufacture and distribution, providing us with unique access, insight, and scale on thousands of farms.

As well as helping us build our on-farm advisory products, this access to the extensive Origin network of agronomy services businesses and ground-truth trial data has enabled us to develop leading agronomic prediction models, which now offer over 90% accuracy and have been localised internationally across differing geographies and climates.

Origin Digital brings farmers and advisors together for Ag Retail success

All our data is:

Generated Remotely

No on-farm presence required, and cloud-free capabilities available to guarantee data delivery


Operating on millions of hectares across Europe, Africa, and the Americas


Backed by our rich agronomic history and wealth of ground-truth & field trial data

Discover how Origin Digital can transform your agronomy offering, foster stronger farmer relationships, and enhance product margin: