Crop AI Modelling

Advanced AI-Powered Agronomic Insights

Origin Digital’s leading Crop AI Models empower farmers and businesses to make informed decisions and optimise agricultural practices across geographies and climate types in Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

Our models harness state-of-the-art satellite imagery, geographical and meteorological data coupled with an unparalleled wealth of ground-truthed crop information to generate in-season and retrospective predictions, providing valuable insights into crop growth and performance to drive better decision-making throughout the agricultural industry.

Our comprehensive capabilities track crops from planning and planting through to harvest, including:

Field boundary and
cropped area detection

Drill date prediction

Yield prediction

Field boundary and
cropped area detection

Crop type detection

Drill date prediction

Growth modelling

Yield prediction

Crop type detection

Growth modelling

Localised Models for Enhanced Accuracy

To ensure accuracy, our models are tailored to specific crops and geographies, and as part of Origin Enterprises we have unique access to a vast pool of ground-truth data to build and test each model. By accounting for diverse climatic conditions, soils, and crop management practices, we can deliver reliable predictions and insights to maximise agricultural outcomes in various regions around the world.

Our team have successfully developed, localised, and delivered Crop Growth Models across geographies and climate types in Europe, Africa, and the Americas. 

These detailed models cover:

Winter Wheat

Winter Barley

Winter Oilseed Rape (Canola)


Spring Wheat

Spring Barley



Sugar Cane

Origin Digital’s tailored approach to model design delivers high levels of confidence and accuracy, demonstrated by our results:

95% correct Crop ID prediction for winter wheat being grown in South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe (2022)

98% accuracy for wheat yield prediction in the United Kingdom with R² values of >0.95 (2021)

91% accuracy for non-irrigated grain maize yield prediction in South Africa (2021)

97% accuracy for soya yield prediction in Paraguay (2020)

94% accuracy for spring barley yield prediction in the United Kingdom (2020)

Continuously Improving Predictive Analytics

Our models continually improve their accuracy as more data is gathered, providing deeper insights over time through the power of big data and machine learning to generate actionable intelligence for farmers, agribusinesses, and policymakers alike.

Integrating Advanced Data Sources for Comprehensive Insights

Our cutting-edge Crop Growth Models (CGMs) integrate Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data, optical satellite data, precision weather data, and crop physiological data to provide a comprehensive understanding of crop growth and its relationship with Leaf Area Index, Biomass, and Growth stages.

Origin Digital's proprietary models offer a holistic view of agricultural systems, allowing us to predict crop types, drill dates, and performance with confidence and enabling better decision-making for improved crop management.

Experience the Future of Agriculture with Origin Digital's Crop AI Models

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