Data-Driven Dairy with Origin Digital

Transform Your Supply Chain with Aggregated Farm Insights

Revolutionise your milk supply chain management with Origin Digital’s GrassMax, a comprehensive sustainability and performance benchmarking platform designed to support the dairy and livestock industry as well as the farmers you partner with. 

Through our on-farm decision-support app, GrassMax builds a real-time picture of aggregated farm insight that enables organisations and farmers to achieve sustainable growth, verify sustainability practices and scope 3 emissions, and enhance supply chain security and sustainability.

Real-Time Supplier Network Insights: Driving Sustainability and KPI Management

  • Maximise efficient grass use, improve quality of grass in diet, and increase fertility & yield to meet the growing demand for milk and dairy products sustainably.

Prove sustainable action uptake and verify scope 3 emissions while monitoring and driving KPIs in real-time through an aggregated, benchmarked view of your entire supplier network.

Verify days at grass to validate high animal welfare standards and marketing claims around grass-fed status.

Track live and forecasted grass yield to increase wallet share and strengthen farmer relationships through a better understanding of their situation, for example forecasting forage surpluses or deficits to inform conversations around silage harvesting or supplementary feed requirements.

Simpler, Better Operational Forecasting & Planning

Gain aggregated farm performance visibility and insight across your supplier portfolio, identify potential feed and fodder shortages, and understand key sustainability metrics to provide targeted support to farms in need.

Enhance Supply Chain Security & Sustainability

Ensure regulatory compliance and responsible nutrient use with nutrient plans for all suppliers, grass production records, and nutrient risk management maps.

Overcoming Data Challenges in the Milk Supply Chain

GrassMax addresses the difficulties in sourcing credible information for supply chain management and scope 3 emissions measurement by capturing data across various pillars of the farming business in a standardised format. This allows for efficient measuring, reporting, verification, and benchmarking across your supplier pool.

Replace cumbersome farm audits, data entry duplication, and supplier objections with a digitised, automated, standardised and independent tool that farmers love using.

How GrassMax works:

After drawing the paddocks, GrassMax captures data automatically through remote sensing, IoT, and predictive modelling, ensuring accurate and up-to-date farm practice information. At the same time, it offers real-time decision support to farmers through a user-friendly smartphone application that enables them to easily enter additional data for even better-informed decision-making.

GrassMax then delivers this full data and insights package to your teams, aggregated across all your farms, for real-time analysis and reporting, empowering stakeholders to monitor progress, track trends, and make data-driven decisions for a more sustainable and efficient dairy industry.

Achieve Product Traceability and Sustainability Verification:

GrassMax provides data that verifies:

Carbon Footprint per kg FPCM (Fat and Protein Corrected Milk)

Days at Grass & Access to Pasture

‘Grass Fed’ claims (kg of grass and grass forage in the animal's diet, validated through pre- & post-grazing cover measurements)

Reduced Methane Emission Practices (validation that pastures were grazed at appropriate heights to reduce methane emissions from ruminant animals)

Carbon Sequestration

N use (kg/ha)

N source (adoption of protected urea)

pH (lime applications)

Kg organic N/ha (sub-farm stocking rate)

P, K, S (balanced nutrition to increase NUE)

Slurry Management

LESS (Low Emission Slurry Spreading)

Support for EU Green Deal and AgClimatise objectives through measurable actions that promote biodiversity, environmental sustainability, and responsible nutrient use

Water Quality

Linking Suppliers, Performance, and Outcomes at Scale

GrassMax therefore provides comprehensive supply chain intelligence that links together:

Mob size, Grazings, Cuttings

Farmer ID, Paddock ID, Paddock boundaries

Grass growth, Grass cover, Benchmarking & Comparison

Farmer ID, Paddock ID, Paddock boundaries

Mob size, Grazings, Cuttings

Grass growth, Grass cover, Benchmarking & Comparison

This linked intelligence empowers your teams to optimise your supply chain by tracing products, verifying sustainability, and improving forecasting and planning.

Accurate and Reliable Intelligence

As part of Origin Enterprises, we have unique access to a vast data pool to build and test our services. Our leading agronomic prediction models, developed using our extensive network of agronomy companies and ground-truth trial data around the world, offer high accuracy and have been localised internationally across differing geographies and climates.

All our data is:

Generated Remotely

No on-farm presence required, and cloud-free capabilities available to guarantee data delivery


Operating on millions of hectares across Europe, Africa, and the Americas


Backed by our rich agronomic history and wealth of ground-truth & field trial data

Embrace the Future of Milk Supply Chain Management:

GrassMax offers a comprehensive solution for milk supply chain management, empowering organisations and farmers to make data-driven decisions that promote sustainability, enhance supply chain security, and build trust with customers. 

Invest in a solution that not only captures the data you need but also adds value to the farmers you work with. Embrace the future of milk supply chain management with GrassMax by Origin Digital, and drive sustainable growth in the dairy industry.