Enabling smarter grass management, nutrition and compliance.

Grow and use more grass

Our novel approach to grass and mob management makes it simpler for livestock farmers to increase their grass utilisation and operational effectiveness.

GrassMax is a market leading tool that helps farmers drive efficiency, optimise soil fertility, and easily generate compliance paperwork.


Straightforward, yet comprehensive

GrassMax provides a complete solution for grass management and nutrient planning in one user-friendly app.


Soil Fertility Analysis

Understand the roadmap to optimum P, K, and lime inputs.

Grass Management

Manage growth & usage in one tool to balance your supply and demand.

Automated Data Inputs

Grazing events are recorded automatically, and our grass growth model changes paddock covers daily and gives a 7 day growth estimation.

We do the work. You get the reward.

We do the work. You get the reward.

GrassMax is designed to optimise farm results while saving time and reducing spend.

So automation is in every corner.

Automated Slurry Plans

Make the most appropriate use of organic manures, and input your custom products into plans.

Automated FERTILISER Plans

Create compliant fertiliser plans that use the right products, at the right time, in the right places and right amounts.

Automated LIME Plans

Split products by volume and location, with the option to use granulated lime.

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