Optimise Livestock Farming with Smart Grass and Nutrient Management

GrassMax is a market-leading app that helps livestock farmers optimise grass utilisation, nutrient planning, and operational efficiency. Our innovative tool empowers farmers to grow and manage grass effectively, while also streamlining compliance paperwork and ensuring sustainable practices.

Origin Digital GrassMax
Origin Digital GrassMax

Elevating Grass Management and Efficiency:

Time Saving from Start to Finish

GrassMax is quick and simple for farmers to set up, with user-friendly tools for monitoring grass growth, implementing rotational grazing, and extending days at grass. In addition, it provides satellite remote-sensed grass covers every week and predicted grass covers daily, saving around 2 hours per week on manual measurement.

Sustainable Growth and Grass Yield Forecasting

By maximising efficient grass use and improving grass quality in livestock diets, GrassMax helps farmers & the organisations they work with meet the increasing demand for milk and dairy products sustainably. It also forecasts grass yields throughout the season, enhancing supply chain security and sustainability.

Automated Record Keeping and Sustainability Verification

GrassMax simplifies the generation of nutrient plans, days at grass records, and potential NUE, helping farmers validate farm practices, marketing claims around grass-fed status, and high animal welfare standards to achieve the best possible prices.

Precise Nutrient Planning

GrassMax calculates accurate nutrient, slurry, and liming application plans, reducing over and under-application, increasing NUE, and cutting costs for informed decision-making in production and resource allocation.

Origin Digital GrassMax Nutrient Planning

Optimise Margins with Effective Nutrient Planning

GrassMax helps you optimise margins by offering effective nutrient planning. Underapplication can result in poor grass production, reduced nutrient use efficiency, and increased feed costs. On the other hand, overapplication costs on average €9.50 per hectare or €760 per farm.

GrassMax quickly calculates precise and compliant nutrient, slurry, and liming application plans (with shopping lists and risk management maps), increasing NUE, facilitating sustainable farm management, and reducing costs.

Maximise Grass Utilisation

Grass utilisation accounts for 44% of the variation in net profit per hectare on dairy farms. In Ireland, every additional tonne of grass utilised per hectare translates to €256 in profit.

GrassMax supports informed decision-making about grazing, supply, and demand, helping you maximise grass utilisation, increase stocking where possible, and minimise the effects of events like droughts.

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User-friendly and Comprehensive

GrassMax combines grass management and nutrient planning in one easy-to-use app, offering a complete solution for livestock farmers:

Soil Fertility Analysis: Gain insights into optimal P, K, and lime inputs.

Grass Management: Balance supply and demand using a single tool for managing grass growth and usage.

Automated Data Inputs: GrassMax records grazing events automatically and adjusts paddock covers daily while providing a 7-day growth estimation.

“The visual display of the paddocks and covers, with demand and rotation length all on one screen, makes it a lot easier to see what is happening growth-wise on the farm.”

- Ger Heery, Farmer

Origin Digital GrassMax Automated Data Input

Time-saving Automation

GrassMax incorporates automation to optimise farm results while saving time and reducing expenses:

Automated Slurry Plans

Make the most appropriate use of organic manures, and input your custom products into plans.

Automated Fertiliser Plans

Create compliant fertiliser plans with the right products, timing, locations, and amounts.

Automated Lime Plans

Split products by volume and location, with the option to use granulated lime.

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