ClearSky cloud-free imagery

Origin Digital & RHIZA launch ground-breaking cloud-free imagery service

Origin Digital and RHIZA, both Origin Enterprises companies, have today launched a world-first cloud-free imagery service guaranteeing UK farmers clear satellite images of their crop development every 6 days – whatever the weather.

The new ‘ClearSky’ service feeds radar data into a deep neural network to derive the view of a field that a satellite would see if there were no clouds blocking its camera. This means that even in the presence of 100% cloud cover, we can now offer the regular, reliable, consistent imagery our customers need to get the most value from VRN planning and directed scouting.

The launch of the new service represents an exceptional collaboration and pooling of expertise across the Origin Enterprises Group and with our external partners. Bringing together academic researchers, agronomists, software developers, account managers, farmers and more showcases the strength of the Group in bringing innovative new products to market, addressing the gaps in traditional services, and shaping a sustainable future through our agronomy solutions.

Following today’s UK launch, Origin Digital and RHIZA remain focused on working with our technology partner to deliver the maximum benefit from ClearSky to our customers, and on further developing our services to bring innovative data insights to UK agriculture. Our infographic below has more details on what ClearSky can offer:

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