GeoPard and Origin Digital announce partnership to deliver industry-leading precision agriculture solutions

German and UK agtech companies GeoPard and Origin Digital are pleased to announce their collaboration in a partnership that will advance the accessibility and efficiency of precision agriculture solutions in Ukraine.

This partnership brings together GeoPard’s specialism in cloud-based precision agriculture software with Origin Digital’s agronomic and technical expertise to develop market-leading precision zoning tools. The first of these tools is now available starting in Ukraine, with the integration of the GeoPard engine into Origin Digital’s product offering enabling enhanced insight and advice on crop production topics including soil sampling, the creation of management zones, and recommendations for seeding and crop fertilisation.

As a result, Origin Digital’s Contour platform in Ukraine can now further facilitate sustainable practices and data-based decision-making among agricultural professionals looking to transition into precision agriculture.

Jon Rhymes, Head of Origin Digital, said: “Origin Digital’s partnership with GeoPard will advance the precision agriculture market in Ukraine, using advanced analytics and predictive intelligence to provide custom recommendations for each field in our Contour platform. This will allow Ukrainian farmers to save on input costs, optimise yields, and implement sustainable precision agriculture practices.”

Dmitry Dementiev, GeoPard Ag CEO and Co-founder, said: “The team at GeoPard is happy to work with the skilled team at Origin Digital. Collaboration is essential for the widespread implementation of precision agriculture, and this is exemplified through our partnership, where clients now have access to data-driven solutions fuelled by GeoPard analytics in a fraction of the time it would have taken for solutions to be integrated just a few years ago.” 

By working together GeoPard and Origin Digital hope to leverage their expertise to provide solutions to the many challenges faced by growers across Ukraine.

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