Optimised Supply Chain Management with Origin Digital

Bring Visibility and Predictability to your Supply Chain
Agricultural Crop Supply Chain

Enhance your supply chain and gain a competitive edge with deep farm supplier insights provided by Origin Digital. Our innovative approach enables you to:

Streamline production planning by forecasting yield of existing suppliers, identifying new sources of supply, and simulating market pricing

Optimise supplier performance through accurate benchmarking, sharing of best practice from identified top performers, and effective allocation of inputs, training, and real-time assistance

Mitigate supply issues early across your network

Verify sourcing-related marketing claims and increase traceability and transparency in your supply chain

Enhance decision-making with comprehensive data and insights for better efficiency and reduced risk

Agricultural Crop Supply Chain

Build Reliable and Stable Supplier Logistics

Companies relying on farm products often face a dispersed and unpredictable supply of raw materials sourced from multiple farms. This unpredictability poses challenges in forecasting availability, identifying new suppliers, and ensuring a stable supply chain.

Agricultural Crop Supply Chain
We provide live crop identification, cropped area, planting & harvest date, and yield prediction at field level, across your supplier portfolio.

In-Season Data

Stay up-to-date with the latest information on your suppliers' crops throughout the growing season, enabling proactive decision-making and adjustments

Multi-Level Insight

Gain granular insights at field level, zoom out to view performance by crop or region, and analyse the big picture aggregated across your entire supplier network for a comprehensive view of your supply chain

Customisable Data Delivery

Receive data in its raw form, or through easy-to-understand dashboard views for analysis tailored to your specific needs

The Process is Simple


Upload or draw field boundaries using our simple onboarding platform

Field AI crop type, cropped area, planting date / drill date, yield for ag retail, credit, insurance, supply chain

For each field drawn, we predict:

The cropped area within that field

The crop type being grown

The planting or drill date

The yield in tonnes/ha

Origin Digital Field AI intelligence empowers credit decision-makers with a fast, accurate and complete view of each applicant's historical activity and results within hours of their submission

Up to 5 years’ field-level farm performance data delivered to your business

Linking Suppliers, Performance, and Outcomes at Scale

Our comprehensive solution uniquely links together:

Agricultural Crop Supply Chain

This linked intelligence empowers your teams to optimise your supply chain by anticipating and managing supply fluctuations, reducing risk, and improving overall efficiency.

Accurate and Reliable Intelligence

As part of Origin Enterprises, we have unique access to a vast data pool to build and test our services. Our leading agronomic prediction models, developed using our extensive network of agronomy companies and ground-truth trial data around the world, offer over 90% accuracy and have been localised internationally across differing geographies and climates.

All our data is:

Generated Remotely

No on-farm presence required, and cloud-free capabilities available to guarantee data delivery


Operating on millions of hectares across Europe, Africa, and the Americas


Backed by our rich agronomic history and wealth of ground-truth & field trial data

Transform Your Supply Chain Management with Origin Digital

Discover how Origin Digital can revolutionise your supply chain management and help you make data-driven decisions for better efficiency and reduced risk: