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Revolutionising Agricultural Credit for Banks
Agricultural credit lending

Stay ahead of the competition and empower your agricultural lending decisions with deep customer insight provided by Origin Digital. Our cutting-edge solution allows you to:

Lend to more farmers by utilising historical performance data to supplement credit risk profiles

Access farm physical data quickly to support each application decision

Gain aggregated farm performance insight for informed portfolio management

Mitigate risks earlier for potential default customers

Agricultural credit lending

“By using these predictive analytics, we believe this is a route to trust in a production-based working capital model and being able to provide credit without being overly reliant on the information provided by the farmer. This should allow us to reach out to smallholder farmers and SMEs who have previously had limited access to finance."

Abrie Rautenbach
Head of AgriBusiness, ABSA

Overcome Challenges in Providing Credit to Farmers

Sourcing credible field and farm level information for credit decisions in the agricultural sector can be challenging. Trustworthy data on farm activities, historical performance, and future projections is difficult or impossible to obtain. 

This insight gap not only affects profits today through slow and costly credit assessments, but also impacts your ability to grow and differentiate your services by providing sustainable financing to developing and emerging farmers.

Agricultural credit lending

We provide up to 5 years’ historical performance data for each farm

The Process is Simple:


Upload or draw field boundaries using our simple onboarding platform

Field AI crop type, cropped area, planting date / drill date, yield for ag retail, credit, insurance, supply chain

For each field drawn, we predict:

The cropped area within that field

The crop type being grown

The planting or drill date

The yield in tonnes/ha

Origin Digital Field AI intelligence empowers credit decision-makers with a fast, accurate and complete view of each applicant's historical activity and results within hours of their submission

Up to 5 years’ field-level farm performance data delivered to your business

Linking Customers, Performance, and Outcomes at Scale

We bridge the insight gap by providing credit applicant information to decision-makers, linking together:

Our intelligence empowers decision-makers with a fast, accurate and complete view of each applicant's historical activity and results within hours of their submission, leading to more visibility, more loans approved, and a better service for your customers.

Accurate and Reliable Intelligence

As part of Origin Enterprises, we have unique access to a vast data pool to build and test our services. Our leading agronomic prediction models, developed using our extensive network of agronomy companies and ground-truth trial data around the world, offer over 90% accuracy and have been localised internationally across differing geographies and climates.

All our data is:

Generated Remotely

No on-farm presence required, and cloud-free capabilities available to guarantee data delivery


Operating on millions of hectares across Europe, Africa, and the Americas


Backed by our rich agronomic history and wealth of ground-truth & field trial data

Discover how Origin Digital can transform your agricultural lending process today: