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Streamline Insurance with Accurate, Scalable Insights
Agricultural Crop Insurance

Origin Digital provides comprehensive and data-driven solutions to help insurers streamline claim verification, reduce fraud, and enhance policy transparency. Our cutting-edge services enable you to:

Identify and verify insured fields accurately and easily

Provide early reporting to notify stakeholders of potential coverage and policy issues

Process claims faster using near real-time data

Assess claims remotely with accurate appraisal of validity and severity

Offer transparent and easy-to-understand policies based on empirical data

Agricultural Crop Insurance

Tackle the Challenge of Costly Claim Verification and Fraud

Insurance companies often struggle with high costs associated with verifying claims, leading to over 80% of claims being paid out in some cases. Without a scalable and cost-effective solution providing early reporting to allow for policy adjustment, the system remains susceptible to fraudulent claims.

Agricultural Crop Insurance

In-Season Claim Assessment – How it works

Our advanced satellite technology and user-friendly platforms offer a powerful combination to tackle the challenges insurers face:

Our streamlined onboarding platform, precise field measurements, and remote crop detection capabilities enable accurate identification and geo-referencing of insured fields

Our agronomic models enable validation of planting dates to within ~1 week using satellite growth data, allowing early identification of potential coverage issues

We provide in-season data on crop health in each field, enabling faster, accurate claim verification & processing by comparing the timing of weather perils vs critical crop growth stages and benchmarking of crop growth

Our time-stamped, geo-referenced tools identify crop types, calculate cropped areas, and utilise hyper-local weather data to enable accurate remote assessment and measurement of damaged zones.

Our models also deliver 5 years of predicted historical crop data at field level to enable proactive adjustment of insured yield premiums

Our cloud free flood models enable identification of historical flood risk areas and analysis of in-field flood severity

The Process is Simple


Upload or draw field boundaries using our simple onboarding platform

Field AI crop type, cropped area, planting date / drill date, yield for ag retail, credit, insurance, supply chain

For each field drawn, we predict:

The cropped area within that field

The crop type being grown

The planting or drill date to within ~1 week

The yield at different growth stages throughout the season

The maturity date

Origin Digital Field AI intelligence empowers credit decision-makers with a fast, accurate and complete view of each applicant's historical activity and results within hours of their submission

Up to 5 years’ field-level farm performance data delivered to your business

Accurate and Reliable Intelligence

As part of Origin Enterprises, we have unique access to a vast data pool to build and test our services. Our leading agronomic prediction models, developed using our extensive network of agronomy companies and ground-truth trial data around the world, offer over 90% accuracy and have been localised internationally across differing geographies and climates.

All our data is:

Generated Remotely

No on-farm presence required, and cloud-free capabilities available to guarantee data delivery


Operating on millions of hectares across Europe, Africa, and the Americas


Backed by our rich agronomic history and wealth of ground-truth & field trial data

"The clear and demonstrable value that Origin Digital's geospatial analysis solution offers is compelling, actionable, and proving to be of significant strategic benefit both to Old Mutual's business and to our end-customers."

- Nyasha Mutuva, Agronomist, Old Mutual

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