Contour Lime Planning 1.1

The new Contour Lime Planner is now available, enabling farmers and their advisors to make informed liming decisions quickly and easily. Users can create a complete lime plan for the whole farm in one simple flow that offers precision, flexibility, and control.

Here’s how:

  • Lime Planning can be accessed for all accounts from the Lime Planning Homepage
  • From the lime planning homepage, all plans for the selected farm are displayed across all years, helping users to view plans created across their liming rotation
  • Multiple plans can be created per farm and season, so you can test as many planning scenarios as you wish
  • When creating a lime plan, users can view a pH map, alongside minimum pH and field average pH values to understand pH variation across the farm
  • Last analysed dates can be viewed from the field list or map, to help ensure that plans are using up-to-date data
  • Target pH can be set for individual fields, enabling plans to be tailored to crop and soil type requirements

  • Zone level applications can be created with a user specified “rate per 0.1 pH difference” calculating required application rates using the difference between current pH and target pH.
  • Zone application rates can be manually overridden at the final summary step when creating applications
  • Manage acidity hotspots or create variable plans on unzoned fields by drawing application rate polygons
  • Multiple applications can be added to fields, for scenarios where large liming requirements need to be split across multiple timings

  • Customisation is built-in: custom products, timings and incorporation methods can be created and saved to an account for use across multiple farms, plans and years
  • Create custom products based on standard product types, including bulk and granulated products – enabling regional variations in product to be accounted for

  • Lime applications, spreading maps, and product totals can be viewed, updated and deleted from the “Applications” tab
  • Product totals can be bulk adjusted by entire total or by application, enabling totals to match delivery quantities

  • Variable rate application maps are generated in shapefile format, for use in a wide range of spreading equipment
  • Job sheet reports can be generated in PDF format for easy viewing, printing, and sharing. Job sheet reports provide plan details including product, application, and field totals in order to support delivery planning and product logistics
  • Job sheet reports can be generated with application and pH maps, to help with locating fields and planning operations, as well as for checking that the rate being applied by the machine matches the plan
  • Lime planning files are available on the Contour “Downloads” page, enabling easy access and storage of files

Why wait – get started building plans now for Harvest 2024 to support your growers with optimal nutrition tailored to their farm, and please send any feedback you may have to to help us improve.

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