Contour 2.96 – Nutrient Management Reports

Today’s update to Contour Nutrient Planner helps you demonstrate responsible nutrient planning and fertiliser use with improved Nutrient Management Reports, as well as starting to introduce our new file download features.

Here’s how:

  • The improved Nutrient Management Report now presents information in a more easily readable format at field level rather than by zone. Where fields contain multiple management zones, the field average is calculated.
  • For each field included in the report:
    • The new “Field data” section shows field name & area, current & previous cropping, target yield, drilling date, soil type(s), soil analysis and SNS index(es).
    • The “Nutrients” section shows crop offtake and nutrients required (using RB209 recommendations) to help validate fertiliser and manure applications. Total nutrients from manures and fertiliser are displayed separately to help demonstrate the responsible use of manures.
    • The “Applications” section lists all nutrient applications planned for the field, including planned application dates, timing names, product names, application rates, and nutrients.
  • Each report also displays the name and Advisor ID of the user who generates it.
    If your Advisor ID is not displayed, please contact the RHIZA Admin Team who will add this to your account, then log out of Contour and sign back in.

  • The improved Nutrient Management Report is accessed via a new file download feature, which will soon also include new report types, file generation in the “Downloads” page, and download filtering. For the time being, you can find the new download feature in the existing download panel.


We have additionally made a number of small updates to Nutrient Planner to improve user experience:

  • Fertiliser catalogue has been updated, with new products added and old products removed.
  • Updated Plan cards to show how many applications are in each nutrient plan, when the plan was last updated, and by whom.
  • Enabled ruleset applications to be created using Mg as the primary nutrient.
  • Added caching to the compliance page to improve performance when navigating around a plan.
  • Resolved issue where updating the product list in ‘Create application’ reset all the ‘select product’ dropdowns.
  • Resolved issue where the most recent PKMg soil analysis results were not being used when an organic matter analysis had a more recent date.
  • Resolved issue where Forage Rye was displaying recommendation errors for P2O5, K2O, MgO.
  • Resolved issue where Total N for selected organic products in NVZ report were displayed incorrectly.


Log in to Contour to check out the updates today, and please send your feedback to to help us improve.


Coming soon to Nutrient Planner…

  • Nutrient Management Report downloads accessible from the “Downloads” page
  • New NVZ report
  • New Job sheet report
  • Filter downloads
  • RB209 Fruit recommendations

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