Sustainable, profitable farming through innovation & integrated solutions

Who We Are

Origin Digital specialises in creating cutting-edge agricultural software for organisations that collaborate with farmers as customers or suppliers. 

Our solutions are designed to foster stronger customer and supplier relationships while driving profitability for both agribusinesses and farmers through two key routes:

Farm & Field-Level Planning and Agronomy

Our advanced tools offer powerful recommendations and insights to enhance performance and profitability, promote better on-farm decision-making, and strengthen relationships between farmers and advisors, enabling them to work together more effectively towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

Portfolio-Scale Insights

Leveraging our industry-leading agronomic AI and predictive analytics models, we provide unparalleled insights into past, present, and future farm performance. This empowers agribusinesses to make informed, profitable decisions while strengthening their relationships with farmers.

These comprehensive capabilities make us an ideal partner for any organisation working with farmers.

What Sets Us Apart

World-Leading Innovation

We’ve been ag-tech innovators for more than a decade, with a pedigree in field-level planning and scouting. Our leading agronomic prediction models, developed using our extensive network of agronomy companies and ground-truth trial data around the world, offer over 90% accuracy and have been localised internationally across differing geographies and climates, while our innovative product design prioritises ease of use and seamless functionality, ensuring an exceptional user experience for agribusinesses and farmers alike.

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Partnership You Can Trust

Origin Digital has been developing digital tools & technologies for more than 10 years, with deep expertise in big data, precision farming, and linking land activity & performance to business goals. And as part of the Origin Enterprises Group, a 125-year-old business with over €2bn annual revenue, we’re a reliable partner for the long term.

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Sustainability Through User-Centric Technology

At Origin Digital, we believe that true sustainability is achieved by providing agribusinesses and farmers with cutting-edge technology that is easy to use and tailored to their specific needs. Our focus on sustainable crop nutrition, soil health, and farm productivity is driven by the development of scalable decision support tools and predictive analytics. By combining trusted data with remote sensing, we create technology that empowers informed decisions on sustainable land use at both farm and enterprise level.

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Technology Partner Ecosystem

We collaborate with an ever-growing ecosystem of leading AgTech innovators and technology providers to deliver exceptional insights for our customers. If you’re interested in becoming a part of our network, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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